Program Design

Design an engaging program that keeps your partners motivated.

Flexible Commissions

Create multiple commissions types by product categories. Use absolute, percentage or mixed commissions. One-time or lifetime.

Multiple Partner Tiers

You can setup multiple partner tiers with different commission structures, lead registration limits and other settings.

Lead Registration Limits

Limit the amount of leads one partner can register or the lead registration duration until a registered lead has to become customer.

Fast Lead Approvals

GrowthDrive makes it easy for you to approve new leads by double checking your database of existing contacts and showing alerts in case of matches.

Easy Deal Distribution

Automatically calculate commissions based on deal type and approve them from GrowthDrive or directly from your CRM.

Program Reports

Receive recurring reports about program performance and use the for program optimisation.

Program Design

Partner Experience

Make it easy for your partners to accelerate the growth or your business.

Lead Registration

Your partners can register new leads in seconds from their partner dashboard. They can leave you comments and allow your sales team to contact those leads.

Program Notifications

Your partners are kept up to date about your activity on their leads. They see when new deals are closed, commissions approved or payments processed.

Program Reports

Recurring reports remind your partners about your program or new products and keep them motivated to do more for your business.

Commissions Overview

The program transparency is one of the key features that keeps your partners motivated. They see what works and are rewarded for their efforts.

Partner Payments

You partners see what they are rewarded for, which commissions were paid already and how might the next commission payment look like

Lead Registration Plugin

Makes it easy and fast for your partners to register new leads from browser, email inbox or directly from their own CRM.

Partner Experience

CRM Integration

Manage almost everything directly from your CRM.

30 seconds setup

To integrate GrowthDrive with your CRM takes only few seconds. Just a few clicks and you are ready to manage your program from your CRM.

Real time sync

GrowthDrive syncs new leads, approvals or commissions in real time. No need to import and reimport CSV files times and times again.

Assign leads to partners

You partner forgot to register a lead but you know that the lead is coming from some of your partners? Assign lead to your partner manually directly from the CRM contact record.

Approve commissions

You have closed new deal with customer who were delivered by one of your partners? Assign and approve the commission directly from the deal record in your CRM.

Automatic Notifications

As you assign leads, close deals and distribute commissions in your CRM, GrowthDrive keeps your partners informed and engaged.

Program Updates

By syncing GrowthDrive with your CRM you can build segmented lists of partners and use them for email campaigns related to your program.

CRM Integration