Become one of our early customers and secure yourself this special early stage prices for life.



For teams which participate in acceleration programs or scalable projects with less then 1Mio. EUR in yearly revenue.

€ 39 / month annual billing

Duration: up to 2 years Converts into business plan after 2nd year.



For businesses of all sizes who want to build a new channel powered by their customers, partners and fans.

€ 195 / month annual billing

Unlimited Feature Set Unlimited Partners 0% Program Revenue ShareIndividual Onboarding



For businesses who need program design support, want custom features and have special wishes.

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Everything from Business Custom integrations Program Design Support Custom Features


All plans include complete feature set, unlimited partners and 0% program revenue share. All our early stage customers will keep their low price forever. Promised.

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Top Questions

Which benefits do I have if I accept the early stage pricing?

By buying GrowthDrive during our early stage period, you will keep the current prices in case the prices will increase in the future. You have also the opportunity to shape the product development.

Can I pay for GrowthDrive monthly?

No. For startup and business plans are currently offered with annual pricing only. Enterprise plan can be paid also semi-annually.

Can I cancel the subscription anytime?

Yes you can cancel your subscription anytime. But currently we offer annual plans only.

Which companies qualify for startup pricing?

As startups are considered all companies which actively participate or participated in a startup acceleration program and have less than 1 Mio. EUR in yearly revenue. Please book a Demo to check if you are eligible.

Do you offer free trial?

We offer individual test period before you buy. Please book a demo to learn more.

Are there any subscription limits?

Currently there are no limits in our plans. All plans include full feature set and unlimited amount of partners.


Your happy customers and partners who believe in your products and services can become your most effective sales force. Help them spread the word and share with them a fair stake of your success. See for yourself how GrowthDrive can help you to do just that.