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What our clients say about GrowthDrive?

“We use GrowthDrive to help startups in our BeChangeMaker pre-accelerator to learn how to drive referrals even in the startup concept stage. It is also great extension for the promotion of our programs through partners and alumnis”

Grace Lung
Senior Manager of Partnership Programmes @ Worldskills

GrowthDrive enables us to expand our network of partners, regardless of whether they are fans, strategic partners or simple recommendations.The clear interface shows activities transparently for everyone and the processes can be easily integrated into our system.This enables us to communicate the added value of our products as quickly as possible and everyone involved benefits from it.What is positive for us is the proximity to the developers and the noticeable will to continuously develop the product further.

Benjamin Hein
CEO and Co-Founder of Mormor – Aktivmöbel